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Ball valve a few broad categories
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Ball valve a few broad categories

Floating ball valves
Ball valve ball is floating, under the effect of medium pressure, the fitness ball produce certain displacement and compression in the outlet seal surface, guarantee the outlet seal.
Floating ball valve has simple structure, good sealing, but the sphere work under medium load all passed export seal, so should consider to seal material can withstand dielectric sphere of work load, under high pressure shock, the sphere migration may occur. In this structure, is generally used in low pressure ball valve.
The fixed ball ball valve
Ball valve ball is fixed, does not produce mobile after compression. The fixed ball ball valve with floating seat, after the medium pressure, mobile seat, make the seal compression on the ball, to ensure the seal. Usually mounted on the upper and lower shaft with ball bearing, the operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter of the valve.
To reduce the number of ball valve operating torque and increase the reliability of the seal, and in recent years the oil seal ball valve, both between the sealing surface pressure note special lubricating oil, to form a layer of oil film, which increases the sealing, and reduce operating torque, suitable for high pressure, large diameter of the ball valve.
The elastic ball ball valve
Ball valve globe is elastic. Ball and seat sealing are made of metal material sealing pressure ratio is large, depending on the medium itself already could not reach the requirements of sealing, pressure must be applied force. This valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium.
Elastic ball is on the lower end of the sphere wall open one elastic slot, and elasticity. When close the channel, sphere rolling out with stem wedge-shaped head pressure to seal with the valve seat. Wedge head before you turn the sphere are released, the sphere then restore the original prototype, appear very small clearance between the sphere and valve seat, can reduce the sealing surface friction and operating torque. 4, Qv347, Qv647, Qv947 V type ball valve adjustment

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